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While the economic chaos is not end,
complication of the business conditions is being enhanced.

The right answer is not only one in the business strategy.
It is more difficult for companies to find the best answer.

We as FORA become a partner with a executive that have these problems
and we tackle the problems to offer the best answer for the executive.

We minutely listen to the client's business problems,
then plan management and financial strategy for each clients.

Create network for the each situations,
and offer a variety of strategies that is not decided
by the industry and country.

FORA Co., Ltd. seriously tackle the client's important problems
as management and financial strategy consulting farm.


President/CEO Hideki Shibata

Graduated from business school (MBA)

In a foreign consulting farm, engaged in business strategy and new business project of financial institutions such as bank and securities company in the U.S. and Japan.
Especially, managed strategy-making of Internet banking in the U.S. Based on original theory regarding CRM, contributed to CRM strategies for an airline and IT company in the U.S.
After back to Japan, founded management and financial consulting company " FORA Co., Ltd" in Japan.


FORA Co., Ltd. President/CEO
Traveler's village Co., Ltd. CEO
RFS Management Ltd. Senior Adviser

The assumption of corporate officers and adviser in other companies.


The Swedish Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan(SCCJ)

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