FORA Co., Ltd.

Work flow of Consulting

Step 1 Inquiry

Please feel free to inquire if you have any worries on your company management or management problems or issues you need to solve. Please inquire directly to FORA Co., Ltd. or through the WEB site.
Your problem should not necessarily be clear when you inquire of us. Therefore, please do not hesitate to inquire at the stage of vague awareness of the problem.

Step 2 Meeting

After the necessary advance preparations based on your inquired content, a person in charge of FORA Co., Ltd. will visit you for meeting. In the meeting, we will interview the people in charge of the related sections including managers, and we also confirm your concrete requests.

Step 3 Proposal

We will make up a special team for your company with selecting the best members from our experienced consultants who have various skills based on the content of the advance analysis and the meeting. The team in charge of your company will draw up a scenario of the consulting which leads up to your company’s true problem-solving and consider sufficiently the consulting goal, the range of execution and content, the structure of promotion, the schedule, and so on. The content of our consideration will be presented as a proposal. Therefore, please consider and evaluate our proposal.

Step 4 Contract

If you agree our presented content finally, we will draw up and present the project proposal with the contract. And when you sign on the contract, the consulting contract with us will be completed. Consulting fee will be charged from this stage.

Step 5 Consulting

An individual consulting project will be offered with following the combinations above if it is necessary.
*For basically a project of six months or more, we will do an interim questionnaire survey to a client about three months later since it has begun to confirm a progress report as a rule.


The members related to the consulting project meet up to make sure there is not a perception gap in the all members’ understanding of the consulting content and plan.

Collecting Materials

Collecting necessary materials and data for the consulting with your cooperation if it is necessary.

Interview and Visiting field

We visit and inspect the field if it is necessary besides interviewing executives and managers (There is a case to interview the field employees, too).

Analysis of Data

We analyze collected materials, data, and the content of the executed interviews, and we input them as necessary information for the problem-solving.

Regular Meeting

We share the process of the problem-solving with you, such as the evaluation of input information, the consideration to the concrete solution, the monitoring of executed solution, the consideration to the next action, and so on.

Interim Report

We report the progress report of the consulting to the manager and the related people when the time is right in the consulting period. Please let us confirm whether there is a problem in the consulting plan or there is any perception gap between us on the direction of the problem-solving.

Step 6 Completion report

We report the executed result to the related people including the manager when the consulting is completed. We, FORA Co., Ltd., do questionnaire survey, about the consulting plan, satisfaction, and so on, to all clients when the consulting projects are completed. Your opinions will be helpful for our future work.

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